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Friday, December 10, 2010


        I saw him for a last time.  My ugly, atrocious brother was the one to shoot the arrow that hit me.  I fell of my horse and hit the rough, hard ground.  From where I lied I witnessed the battle.  Many of my trained men went down, while others managed to kill multiple Fringemen.  I was surprised to see that nobody came to my aid.  They all thought that I died right away; they were wrong.  I was suffering for a good twenty five minutes before death came upon me.  But it wasn’t from the arrow.  The arrow must have struck me in a part of my body that was muscular because the arrow did not hit my heart.  A sticky, spider web like substance fell from the sky.  At First I though it was a form of deviated snow that fell in the winter of the Fringes.  I didn’t want it to hit my face because I thought it might affect the nerves in my body, so when one happened to land on my face I moved my arm up to wipe it off.  That’s when I realized they tightened.  All of the webs grew and spread all over my body.  The more I moved, the tighter they became.  I tried to call for help and that’s when I realized that the battlefield went silent.  Men were struggling to fight the web that was now covering them.  I tried to yell at them to stop moving but the web had already covered my mouth and I couldn’t speak.  I couldn’t feel my arms or legs and I was beginning to become nauseous.  The web moved from my nose to my eyes.  I closed my eyes and gave in.  The web had taken over me.                     

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  1. I remember this in the book. You made this exactly like if Joseph was there. I loved this post :)